How To Choose A Motorcycle Helmet

Safety and responsibility are one of the crucial factors motorcycle riders should consider. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcycle riders are 27 times more likely to have fatal accidents than car drivers. To continue enjoying the amazing experience on the road, you must invest in a safe riding gear, especially the helmet. A helmet protects your head from injuries during a crash. With a helmet on, you will feel safe and confident on the road. Here are a few tips on how to choose the right helmet.

Safety Features

pre-cut-interiorA helmet should have at least two components of safety. The outer shell should be adjusted well to allow the reinforced fiber composites to contract during impact. The composites contract and reduce the intensity of the force significantly before it reaches the head. Another important component of a helmet is the impact-absorbing liner. The liner consists of a Styrofoam material. The material absorbs shock and deflects the impact of the hit away from the head.

DOT Certification

Make sure you look at the DOT sticker on the helmet to determine whether it meets the safety standards. The sticker, which comes from the Department of Transportation, is the only way to know whether the helmet will perform. According to the DOT standards, a helmet should be able to absorb a given amount of shock, prevent significant penetration and have a good fitting system. Manufacturing companies must do standard tests under the DOT guidelines before they put the sticker on their helmets. The companies usually send the products to laboratories run by independent institutions for tests. The department then posts the results on its website for those who want to make inquiries.

Retention Capacity

retention-systemRetention is an important safety factor that people need to consider if they want to stay safe. A good helmet should stay on your head during a crash. To test whether the helmet you want to buy will stay on your head, adjust the strap. While you adjust the strap, you should feel some pressure on the chin. Also, take the helmet and roll it over your head or lift it up. The helmet should not go off. If the helmet goes off or rolls over quickly, consider other options.


hjc-cl-17-full-face-helmetThe helmet should be comfortable enough to enable you to enjoy the ride without any problem. Most people believe that there is no such thing as a comfortable helmet. However, the truth is that everybody can find comfort in a new helmet if he or she is willing to take some time and do an extra homework. You need to try more than four helmets to accurately determine the desirable level of comfort in a helmet. Most motorcyclists confirm that the full-face helmet models are the best options. Some full-face models come with interchangeable pads to accommodate different shapes of cheeks. Other standard features that make a helmet comfortable include paddling, presence of the seal around the ear and a roll on the neck.

Size of the helmet

racing-254609_1280The size of the helmet will determine the rider’s level of safety and comfort. A helmet with a perfect size should fit you well. It should come into contact with most parts of the head and the sides of the cheek. However, it should not exert a lot of pressure on the parts. The helmet must adjust with the shape of our head, but it should not feel loose. The neck roll should not push the head to the back of the helmet. To get a helmet with a size that matches the shape of your head, take a measuring tape and determine the dimension of the largest circumference of the head. Translate the measurement to the helmet. Try this several times with different helmets until you get the right one. If there is a sizing chart, use it for matching.

Consider the Coverage

Consider the shell coverage of the helmet before you buy it. A full open-face helmet is more efficient that a full-face helmet when it comes to coverage. A helmet with an additional coverage that protects the face and the head from the EPS liner is a plus.


biker-1151343_640You need to determine how convenient the helmet is when riding your motorcycle. A helmet with an extra shield and an adjustable face-shield system is better. Others have features that allow riders to fasten the straps to prevent them from flapping. A breadth guard may also make the helmet more convenient.

The Cost of the helmet

dollar-signThe cost of a helmet should be the last thing to consider. Helmets with great features go for higher prices. However, you can compare the prices of same models in different shops and settle for the cheapest. But if you see a cheaper helmet that has a DOT sticker and fits you well, go for it without hesitating.

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