Riding A Motorcycle With Back Pain

I can completely relate to this topic. I suffer from back pain and I ride motorcycles a lot, but putting the two together can make for one uncomfortable ride. Unless you have a full dressed motorcycle with arm rests and a huge back seat, you kind of have to balance yourself on the back of the bike. If you’re the driver, you have to balance the entire bike, which can put a lot of strain on your back, causing more pain if you’re a sufferer to begin with. Let me fill you in on how you can manage your pain while still enjoying the open road on your motorcycle.

Types Of Bikes & Best Position

There are essentially three types of bikes and with each bike there is a certain position that you ride in. Some bikes are easier to ride while others require the ability to fight against the wind as you go faster.


The standard bike is your typical dual sport or touring bike. Your body should be in a straight up position with your feet below you and your hands in a straightened position This is the best position you can be in for riding bikes long distances because you aren’t putting any extra strain on your torso from trying to fight the wind.


Cruisers are considered to be the next best bike for traveling on. You body and hands are straight and your feet are slightly in front of you. Your legs position your body less than a standard type of bike, but your body stays reasonably straight. I own one of these with a sissy bar and I can fold my mattress topper up and take it with me while traveling. I use it to relieve my back pain while staying at hotels during my travels that may have crummy beds.  You can find some pretty nice ones on the Sleep Buffs website.


Sports bikes or “crotch rockets” require you to lean forward. This will require you to lean forward and at faster rates of speed, the wind will push against your torso. Your hands will be lower than your body and your feet are behind you. This puts a lot of stress on your body and isn’t really the best for traveling long distances. This is why you may see a lot of people on these bikes have to stand up to stretch out at stop signs or red lights.

Riding Long Distances

If you plan to ride long distances on your motorcycle, make sure you map it out properly. You don’t want to find yourself running out of gas in the middle of nowhere with no water or food. You also don’t want to travel a long amount of time without stopping to give your back a rest. It’s best to stop every little while to stretch out. Your body is meant to move around, not remain stationary for too long. Riding long distances on a bike isn’t easy, especially if you aren’t used to doing it. Just make sure that you plan it out accordingly, pack all of your essentials, and keep an eye on the weather. Riding is supposed to be a fun experience, not a dreadfully painful one.

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